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Looking to Start a Hemp Based Business??? - Beth AKA the Hemp Huntress is Here to Help

Beth aka the Hemp Huntress, has decades of entrepreneurial experience and has been helping small hemp and cannabis based businesses realize their dreams for the last 6 years. Beth shares some important aspects of starting a business and how to have a successful partnership. Beth's team wants to hear any and all ideas one may have in regards to starting a hemp/cannabis based business. Her team cuts through the fluff and educates on the realities of your ideas and helps you partner with the right people to create a successful business. Beth's goal is to have 1 million Americans growing hemp...this will not only help grow the industry, but will also put power back into the hands of the people and eliminate the stigma surrounding this amazing plant. Beth's passion is infectious and so very inspiring! If we all work together to realize a dream, and provide support to one another, we can all accomplish our goals and be successful.


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